Importance of an Audi Service

23 November 2022

Every car requires a service to maintain its performance and efficiency. Audis are no different – if anything, maintaining their servicing is vital to the keep the optimum performance of the car.

Audis are some of the finest German engineering and run smoothly when looked after by their owners. No matter the model, they require servicing at either 12 months or 10,000 miles. This will not only ensure their performance, but it will make sure you as the driver stays safe on the road.

What to expect from your Audi Service

When buying your Audi, you will be offered a service plan that is specific to the model you are buying. As each model is different, the service plans tend to the models’ individual needs.

But what can you expect when you take your car in for its annual service? Let’s take a look:

  • Oil checks and changes
  • Brake pad checks – you will be advised if they need to be changed
  • Tire checks – you will be advised if the tread is running low
  • Air filter checks

These checks are all vital to keeping your car in the best road condition. When your car is in the best road condition, it is also in the best driving condition and will give you the highest levels of performance.

Central Audi VW Specialists Audi service done

Where to find the best Audi Service

Finding the right place for a service can sometimes be difficult as you want to find a garage you can trust. This is why Audi owners come to Central Audi for their annual Audi service! Central Audi is highly experienced in Audis of any model, meaning we are best suited to helping you get the best from your vehicle.

As a leading Audi service centre, we have a dedicated team that is highly experienced in servicing any Audi. They can provide a high-quality service for your vehicle to make sure you are driving as safely as possible, whilst getting maximum performance from your car.

Central Audi understands that servicing can be expensive for some. Therefore, we offer affordable, fixed priced jobs so you can be sure you get exactly what you pay for without any surprises at the end of the service!

Contact Central Audi

If your Audi is due its service, why not give Central Audi a call today or contact us through our contact form. We will book your car in at a convenient time for you and give it full service.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!