How To Look After Your Car In Hot Weather

13 June 2024

How To Look After Your Car In Hot Weather: Tips from Central Audi

Road trips, sunshine, and, regrettably, possible car problems are all brought on by summer. At Central Audi, we recognise that driving in the heat may be taxing on your car, and we’re here to support you in keeping it in optimal working order. These are our best recommendations for how to look after your car in hot weather.

looking after your car in hot weather

Regularly Check and Top Up Fluids

Fluids are the blood of your car, and in hot weather, they play an even more crucial role. Make sure to check and top up:

Engine Oil: High temperatures can cause oil to thin out, which can lead to insufficient lubrication. Ensure your oil levels are adequate and consider switching to a higher viscosity oil if you live in an extremely hot climate.

Coolant: This prevents your engine from overheating. Check the coolant level regularly and top up if necessary. Remember to only open the coolant reservoir when the engine is cool to avoid burns.

Brake Fluid: Heat can affect your braking system, so check the brake fluid level and top up as needed. If your brakes feel spongy, it might be time for a brake fluid replacement.

Pay Attention to Tyre Pressure

Tyre over-inflation can result from the expansion of tyre air in hot conditions. Tyres that are overinflated are more likely to blowout and have uneven wear. As directed by the manufacturer, check and adjust the tyre pressure on a regular basis. Remember to check the tread of your tyres and look for any wear or damage.

tyre pressure in hot weather

Upkeep of Air Conditioning

In hot weather, having a functional air conditioning system is a life-saver. It might be time for a servicing if your air conditioner isn’t producing chilly air or if it smells strange. For thorough A/C maintenance that guarantees your system is operating effectively and efficiently, contact Central Audi.

Monitor Your Gearbox

Heat can have a big effect on the gearbox, which can cause a lot of problems that can shorten your car’s lifespan and reduce its performance.

Take into consideration the following preventive actions to lessen the effects of heat on your gearbox:

Frequent Maintenance: As advised by the manufacturer of your car, schedule routine inspections and changes of the gearbox fluid.

Cooling Systems: Make sure the car’s cooling system is operating properly because it keeps the engine and gearbox at the right temperatures.

Prevent Overloading: Carrying too much weight might strain the gearbox further and increase its heat production. Refrain from packing your car full, especially during the summer.

Drive Carefully: To reduce the amount of heat the gearbox produces, try to stay away from stop-and-go traffic and prolonged idling.

Monitor your gearbox during hotter weather

Visit Central Audi for Summer Car Maintenance 

In order to maintain your car’s longevity and performance, you must take care of it in hot weather. To assist you in keeping your car in good working order during the summer, Central Audi provides a number of services. Our skilled mechanics are here to help you with any Audi, VW, SKODA & SEAT maintenance requirements and will provide excellent care to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance even during the hottest of UK Summer days.

Make an appointment with us right now to feel secure in the knowledge that your car is in capable hands.