When Will ’24 Reg Plates Be Available?

02 February 2024

The 24 Reg Update

Every year, at the same time, the plates update for the new year. This year is no different –  the plates will be released on the 1st of March 2024 and will take the name of the production year, in this case, 24’. Before the second plate change of the year which happens in September – this 24 plate will become representative of the newest cars out there.

How Does It Work?

If the vehicle has been produced in the UK after 2001, the car will be assigned a reg plate that follows this pattern:

  • 2 numbers representing the registration year
  • 2 letters indicating the region of registration (one for the general area and one for the specific office)
  • 3 random letters

Now we are in 2024, this March the registration year will now be 24’ on the plate. To give a more visual example, here are examples of reg plates for a car registered in Birmingham with the area code ‘BD’:

What Else Is Changing With the 24 Reg Plates?

There are additional things that you can or must add to your ge plate depending on: what sort of car you have and where you travel to with it.

Nationality identifiers must be shown on UK vehicles travelling overseas. This is the addition of a Union flag with a “UK” badge. (Formerly ‘GB’.)

Green tabs on licence plates can be used as a block colour tab or as the background for nationality identification on electric and zero-CO emissions cars. This is optional, though.

Will The 24 Reg Plates Influence The Car Value?

The reason ’24 plates have an effect on the car’s value isn’t down to the plate itself, it’s because they represent the newest models available.

It is advisable to sell your vehicle if you are considering doing so before the new ’24 reg becomes available from March 2024. When vehicles with the new licence plates hit the market, your car’s value is probably going to decrease because it will be up against newer models.

Can I Get A DVLA 24 Plate?

Yes! You don’t need a new car to get your hands on a 24 plate – you don’t need a car at all actually. 

A “24” plate is available for purchase on the gov.uk website, and it can be held on what is known as a retention certificate. After you have this, you can use it on a car in the future. This only applies to personalised plates as you cannot apply a 24’ plate to a car that was made 20 years ago for example.

Central Audi & VW Services

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