How Often Should I Service My Car?

04 April 2024

Now that nicer weather might be on the horizon, longer car rides and more frequent outings are inevitable, and for these, you want to make sure your car is in the best condition. Instead of asking yourself ‘How often should I service my car’ on your next expedition, read more about servicing frequency and our reliable options below.

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Regular Servicing

How often your car should be serviced can depend on several factors, however every vehicle, no matter how it’s driven and when, will benefit from regular servicing. 

Factors that can influence when your vehicle needs servicing:

Mileage: This is often the main factor used to weigh up when a car is due a service. It is recommended that a car with an average of 12,000 miles a year will require a service that looks at the most essential checks such as oil changes and filter replacements. However, if you’re vehicle is averaging higher amounts of mileage each month then your vehicle will need more frequent services that can cover a lot of tasks due to the sheer usage of the car.

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Time: When scheduling services, time intervals are just as crucial as mileage. Maintaining your vehicle requires at least one service every year, even if you haven’t driven as much as is advised. This guarantees that, no matter how often you drive, important parts are examined, greased, and replaced as necessary.

Conditions: The conditions that you drive your car in and your driving style can also affect how often you need to service it. If you travel in severe weather, stop-and-go traffic, or dusty conditions a lot, your vehicle is going to need more regular services to deal with accelerated wear and tear and ensure your car can continue to withstand the environment.

The Overall Importance of Car Servicing

On top of making sure your car is maintained to the standard it should be and ensuring it runs smoothly by identifying problems and preventing them from escalating later on, other important factors come with having regular services:

Safety: The most important thing for road safety is to make sure your car is in proper operating order. Frequent maintenance includes inspecting vital safety components like tyres, steering, brakes, and lights to find and fix any possible risks and lower the chance of collisions and injuries.

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Longevity: Regular maintenance keeps all of the parts of your car in good working order, which extends its lifespan. Your vehicle is more likely to last for many years if proper maintenance is performed, including lubrication, cleaning, and repairs as needed.

Increased Value: An accurately recorded service history raises your car’s resale value. Because regular servicing and upkeep give prospective purchasers confidence in the car’s quality and dependability, they are more willing to spend more for it.

Our Servicing Options

From our experience and observation of driving styles, we have two fixed service plans for your Audi, VW, SEAT or SKODA depending on which one suits your driving:

Our Promise at Central Audi VW

Since we take great pride in providing high-quality service at Central Audi VW, we have made a service commitment to guarantee that every one of our clients will receive the same exceptional attention and high-calibre service each and every time you need a car service. So let us be the answer to your ‘How often should I service my car’ question! Contact us today to learn about what you’re getting from your service, or book your next one in!