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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

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Making sure your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are all working as they should is very important. Relying on these systems is fine until there are calibration issues that will then affect your driving experience. This is where we can help...

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What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are a family of safety systems that are designed to work together to automate and help enhance vehicle safety by alerting the driver to potential problems and avoiding collisions.

Vehicles use radars and camera-based sensors to assist the driver and vehicle to have a greater awareness of different driving environments. ADAS cameras are positioned outside the vehicle on the front, back and sides to capture images of the road, street signs, pedestrians, vehicles, and other obstacles.

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ADAS Camera Systems

ADAS has many features and each one is designed to reduce the possibility or severity of a particular type of accident. The type of system installed, the way it operates and the safety features available on a vehicle can vary between manufacturers and models.

Most ADAS features are designed to warn or take automatic corrective action when the possibility of an accident is detected. It works by using a set of ADAS cameras, radars, infrared sensors and other equipment to detect or correct potentially dangerous situations.

Here are some common ADAS features:

This system is designed to prevent your car from colliding with a vehicle in front of you. It ensures a safe distance between your car and the vehicle ahead. The way the system operates can vary, it could be radar based or camera based.

Adaptive headlights is a feature that tries to improve visibility in low-light conditions. It takes its cues from the way you use the steering wheel, estimate available light using cameras and tries to ensure that your path is adequately lit.

This system uses lidar, radar or cameras to anticipate possible collisions. In situations of imminent danger, it automatically applies the brakes to slow the car down. This helps prevent the accident or lessen its impact.

Uses radar sensors which alerts you when a vehicle is in your blind spot and reduces the chances of lane change accidents.

This is a camera-based system that alerts you when you stray out of your lane. It warns you either by an audible alarm or a vibration in the steering wheel.

This camera-based feature reduces the chances of missing a traffic sign. It displays an alert on the dashboard whenever a road sign is detected.

Improves safety by taking action when there is a possibility of the car hitting a pedestrian.

This feature helps you avoid being hit by a vehicle from behind.

This feature helps you park accurately without bumping into neighbouring vehicles or objects.

Thermal imaging camera at the front of the vehicle. As a far infrared system (FIR), the camera reacts to the heat radiated by objects in the recorded scene. A computer transforms the information from the camera into black-and-white images and displays them on the central display located between the instruments.

ADAS Calibration

Advanced driver assist systems require specialist attention to correctly adjust the following procedures including; wheel alignment/geometry check, suspension or steering replacement, or especially after an accident which involves any repair.

The radar and cameras required by these systems have to be calibrated to the utmost precision.

At Central Audi VW we are equipped with Volkswagen group diagnostic systems and VAS 6430, which is the Volkswagen group's state-of-the-art radar and camera calibration equipment. This allows us to align the ADAS systems on your vehicle to the manufacturer's precise specifications.

We can do all of the work needed to replace, code and calibrate your ACC radar or front assist cameras. We have an online connection to Volkswagen servers and are authorised for security-related enabling component protection, adaptation and parameterisation of these driver assistance systems.

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