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What is a Cambelt:

A cambelt is also known as a timing belt and it is the most important maintenance item within your vehicle. A cambelt is often ribbed and is placed in the car’s engine to keep the camshaft and crank timed as it should be. It is designed to keep the bottom half of the engine in sync with the top half.

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Why Do I Need My Cambelt Changed?

Over time, your cambelt will stretch and as a result of this, the engine timing may get delayed. Due to this, you will require a cambelt change. Replacing your cambelt is essential as it does not last a lifetime and at Central Audi VW we offer SKODASEATAudi and VW cambelt change service using Genuine Parts.

Changing the cambelt on your car is a crucial element that should be considered when maintaining your vehicle. It is the heart of the engine and responsible for keeping the engine in time which if not replaced at the recommended manufacturer intervals could result in failure or stretching of the cambelt and result in expensive engine repairs. Cambelts if not maintained correctly can snap and if they do, can damage your car’s engine internally. If it fails to properly function, both the valves and pistons in your car can start to repeatedly collide causing irreversible damage to your car’s engine making for more expensive repairs that could of been avoided if you had your AudiVWSEAT or SKODA cambelt change.

Due to both of these factors and the fact that it is subject to a great deal of wear and tear over time because of its exposure to other contaminants such as rain, ice and other products causing deterioration to its rubber construction.

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When do I need my cambelt changed?

Volkswagen Group recommends that Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and SKODA vehicles should typically have a cambelt change between every 5 years or at the appropriate mileage interval as indicated in the vehicle service schedule.

Contact our team here at Central Audi VW today to find out if your SKODA, SEAT, Audi or VW cambelt change is due.

However, there are a few tell-tale indicators to look and listen out for that can be warning you that your cambelt is almost warning. It is important to know what the signs of a faulty or warn cambelt are and as soon as you notice an issue bring your vehicle to one of Central Audi’s approved centres for an expert opinion on whether you require a cambelt change.

What happens if it's not changed?

Delaying changing your cambelt could cause detrimental damage to your vehicle; if a warn cambelt is left this could lead it to snap.  If this was to happen to your vehicle and your cambelt was left unrepaired and unattended this could lead to very costly repairs, not only a cambelt change but further engine damage will be caused. If a cambelt was to break or jumps a notch the valves may open at the wrong time and then be struck by the pistons. The result will be devastating to your engine causing bent valves, cylinder head or camshaft damage, possible piston and cylinder wall damage and a very costly repair bill.

Replacement Timing Belt with Water Pump

Signs That You May Need a Cambelt Change:

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Do you hear high pitched noise when you start your vehicle? If you hear a squelling or rattling noise from your engine you cambelt may need replacing

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Visual Checks

If the cambelt is beginning to fray or crack and if the underside of the belt is starting to appear glazed or glossy these are signs of a worn cambelt that needs replacing.

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Starting Issues

If the cambelt is beginning to fray or crack and if the underside of the belt is starting to appear glazed or glossy these are signs of a worn cambelt that needs replacing.

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We know how critical the cambelt is to a vehicle, which is why at Central Audi VW Birmingham we use Genuine Volkswagen Group Parts and experienced Volkswagen Group trained technicians to ensure the very best of care for your vehicle servicing and repair needs.

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