SKODA Cambelt Change

Why Get a SKODA Cambelt Change?

A SKODA cambelt change is important as it is one of the hardest working parts of the engine. It links the crankshaft to the camshaft to ensure all major components of the engine are synchronised. SKODA cambelts are, therefore, very important to keep up to date. A faulty or diminishing cambelt that is not regularly maintained poses a high risk of causing unnecessary damage to your engine. Damages caused by cambelt breakages can be incredibly costly when you need to repair your engine.

As a result, scheduling a cambelt replacement is crucial because they might deteriorate with time. Because they are frequently exposed to grit, salt, ice, rain, and heat, cambelts are vulnerable to damage. These kinds of things can erode the rubber's structure and cause the rubber to break.

When A Cambelt Change Is Needed?

There are many signs to look out for when considering if you need to change your SKODA cambelt, these include:

Ticking noise resonating from the engine

Regularly occurring misfires

Oil leaking in front of the motor

Timing belt slipping

a SKODA receiving a cambelt change from central audi

SKODA Cambelt from £429

Arranging a SKODA Cambelt change is recommended by our team of experts at Central Audi VW every 4 to 5 years or at the appropriate mileage interval that is shown in your SKODA vehicle service schedule.

✓ Genuine SKODA parts
✓ Trained specialist technicians
✓ 2 year warranty
✓ Complimentary vehicle health check
✓ Service history updated

Water Pump Change

It is a good idea to get your pumps changed when scheduling a SKODA cambelt change. Since water pumps and cambelts are closely related, it is frequently beneficial to replace both at the same time. Coolant fluid leaks from malfunctioning water pumps can lead to overheating of the pump and subsequent engine component damage.

We offer a number of services at Central Audi & VW Specialists for SKODA including air conditioning servicediagnostic and faultfindingGearbox reconditioningMOT Test, parts, repairs and maintenance, tyres, vehicle health check and fleet and lease vehicles.

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