VW Gearbox Reconditioning and Repairs:

11 January 2023

Everything You Need to know!


Firstly, what is a gearbox?

Before we get into VW Gearbox reconditioning and repairs, its important to understand what we are discussing. Your gearbox is the mechanical device that alters the speed of the motor (RPM), thus increasing or decreasing the output torque of a car. A VW gearbox consists of a series of integrated gears all within a box. This works as a basic system of gears in which one device transfers energy to another to increase your torque and, therefore, reduce your speed. Your gearbox is what allows you to start your engine, reverse your car, and shift the gear ratio between the crankshaft and vehicle drive wheels to generate the torque to drive.

What are the signs you have an issue with your VW gearbox?

  • Your first port of call is if your check engine light has come on. That is supposed to be the first line of defence in knowing you have gearbox issues.
  • If you notice a transmission fluid leak- sometimes this will be accompanied by a rubber-like burning smell.
  • Another symptom can be hearing unusual noises which can be an indication that you have an issue with your exhaust.
  • Experiencing trouble whilst shifting gears can also be an indicator that you have a fault in your gearbox.
  • One of the most dangerous faults a gearbox can experience is slippage, where your gearbox slips between gears without any warning. This can cause sudden breaks or acceleration and can lead to extremely serious accidents, especially when driving conditions are not optimal. If this happens at any time, you will need an immediate gearbox replacement.

vw gearbox reconditioning dashboard

Why should you get a VW Gearbox Reconditioning or a new gearbox?

Gearbox reconditioning can help to save you the hefty costs involved in replacing your complete gearbox. You can save money whilst still receiving the high-quality reconditioned gearbox. At Central Audi & VW Specialists, we have years of experience and are well-equipped to handle all types of gearboxes. These include manual, automatic, Multitronic/CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and DSG (Dual Shift Gearbox). We pride ourselves on the high standards of work that we undertake. You can, therefore, relax with the knowledge that you can drive out of our facilities after a VW Gearbox reconditioning with a safe and efficient vehicle. Our reconditioning service only uses original VW parts and comes with complete parts and labour warranties.

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