The Best Driving Tips

16 April 2015

Stay safe…

Whether you have just stuck those p plates down onto your car or they’re a long and distant memory; there is no such thing as the perfect driver.

Whatever the car or level of driving experience, we are all prone to mistakes. Driving is unpredictable and with the inability to control those around you as well as the the road conditions; not even the most experienced of us can be considered perfect (unless your name is Lewis Hamilton of course!).

No driver is able to avoid every issue or problem that the road or other drivers throw their way which is why it is important that if nothing else, you are aware of what to do in every possible situation when on the road. From poor weather, bad lighting, to carelessness from other drivers; there are a number of situations that could arise and put you at risk.

A good driver is always learning, taking on board new pointers and ensuring they are always armed and ready with the best knowledge to ensure the safest driving experience. Whether you are new to it all or consider yourself being nearly as good as Hamilton, why not have a read of our below top tips you never know; you might come across something you didn’t even knew…

Wing Mirrors

In order to actually be able to see everything, particularly so that you can catch sight of your blind spot, your wing mirrors should be adjusted so that no part of your car is visible. Your wing mirrors should merge with the same view as your rear view mirror. This may seem like the most obvious tip but believe it or not, a lot of people actually get this part very wrong…which explains why new cars with reverse sensors are now a popular choice for many!


One of the biggest causes of road rage and accidents is poor traffic merging. Whether first thing in the morning or last thing at night, merging is always a challenge that requires precision, care and attention.

A lot of drivers are prone to cutting in at alarming speeds but it is important to be patient and remain as calm as possible.

The best way is always to simply slow down as much as you can and carefully move in only when there is an actual opportunity; never try to pull a fast one, particularly without signalling as you’ll simply put yourself and other drivers at risk.

Don’t Obsess

No one likes getting stuck in traffic, least of all when we have somewhere to be. Although it is all too easy to get angry and frustrated, try and keep calm- the driver in front of you cannot do anything and it is certainly not his or her fault that there is a queue.

Be sure you don’t suddenly start honking, speeding and lurking alarmingly close to the car in front of you, it is dangerous and bully like behaviour. Whether you left early or late; traffic is never entirely avoidable so try not to get too annoyed at it all.

You may have heard them all and you may be adhering to the above as best as possible but sometimes it is all too easy to get even the most obvious mistake wrong, no matter how experienced you may be.

The above are our top tips and the points that we often see drivers neglect the most…is there anything you’ve come across? Let us know!