The Importance of Servicing Your Car Air Conditioning

21 July 2022

There are a few factors to consider when talking about servicing your car’s air conditioning, but first, let’s start with the basics.

What is car air conditioning and what are its benefits?

It may sound silly, but it is important to understand the basics of your car’s air conditioning system. The air conditioning is important to keep a nice temperature inside your vehicle, helping both when temperatures soar and when it drops.

In addition to keeping you and your passengers comfortable, this is also necessary for their safety. Feeling too hot may lead to low blood pressure and weakness while feeling too cold can decrease blood circulation in the body, mostly on the hands and feet, creating then a dangerous situation for both who is driving, and the surrounding people.

car air conditioning service

Why Service Your Car Air Conditioning?

As mentioned above, the air conditioning system of a car can have an important role in terms of safety, but there are some other factors to consider. These include:

  • When your air conditioning refrigerant gas is low, it may lead to bigger fuel consumption and eventually to system failure.
  • As well as maintaining you safe from very hot and very cold conditions, having an air filter replaced will also avoid trapping pollen, bacteria, and dust to keep circulating in your car. These could lead to allergic reactions, headaches, and breathing problems.
  • Air conditioning can also help defrost windshields in very cold weather and it will also help maintain the windshields safe from blurring while closed windows in cold weather and rainy days.
  • Regular car air conditioning maintenance can also help maintain your car heating system in good condition.

Servicing Your Car Air Conditioning System

If you are feeling that your air conditioning system is not properly working as it should be, don’t hesitate to contact a reliable service. The air conditioning service may not take long, and the prices may vary from £79 to £99 depending on your car’s gas requirements.

At Central Audi VW, we have a service promise of providing a high-quality service, while maintaining realistic prices. We also maintain the manufacturer warranty, using only genuine and original equipment.

Together with the car air conditioning service, we offer a wide range of services for Audi, VW, Skoda and SEAT; such as MOT test, brake fluid change, gearbox reconditioning, and also LongLife and variable services.

Contact one of our specialists today for a free quote and keep safe while driving.