MOT Test Basics…

06 May 2015

What you need to know.

From new drivers to drivers with years of experience under their belts, if you find yourself regularly behind the wheel then odds are that you’ll fear that dreaded three letter word; MOT.

Here at Central Audi VW we’ve helped an endless number of vehicle owner’s deal with their annual MOT with ease but we can understand why so many of you hate the thought of getting it done. After-all with many questionable mechanics out there who like to make things costly, it can easily become a nightmare!

Our team here pride themselves on being dedicated, skilled and above all honest mechanics which is why our customers are always coming back to us! We know however, that if you are new to it all then you will of course have your doubts.

From worrying about failing to the added costs and unnecessary fixes that the questionable mechanic may suggest you make; we know exactly how painful an MOT can become. With that in mind we’ve put our heads down to come up with some basic facts that will ensure that whether this is your first MOT or twenty first; you know exactly what to expect, every time.

Ready for your MOT, then keep the following in mind…

• It is a legal requirement for cars to ensure that they have a MOT test every 12 months; however newer vehicles are expected to only adhere to this after they are 3 years old.

• MOT test and a service are two different things – Rather than fix any issues and maintain your vehicle an MOT is simply a test to ensure that your car is safe and adheres to standards.Keep in mind that just because you may have passed, it does not necessarily mean that your car will be fine for the next twelve months, a service is always crucial.

• An MOT is generally extensive and will cover a number of things including your brakes, lights, tyres and even your seatbelts, screen wash and horn. So although you may have previously dismissed an issue with your car as minor, it could ultimately cause you to fail the test.

• If your vehicle has failed the MOT you will be given a VT30 refusal certificate which will highlight the reasons why your MOT has failed. Even if you do fail keep in mind that you do not have to have repairs done at the test location, this is particularly useful if you doubt your reasons for failing. From the day of testing you will be given ten days to make the required changes, you can use this time to either get a second opinion or get the changes made before bringing your car back for a retest.

• Unless you have just brought the car or you are actually heading to your appointment, driving without MOT can lead to prosecution. Never risk it and never try to play it clever; with many garages and test centres offering an MOT test for as little as £35 there is no reason why you should not get this done.

The above are just a few of some of our tips- are you ready for your MOT? Don’t get caught out!

Contact our service team today for further advise or to book your vehicle in for MOT Test