MOT essentials

29 June 2022

An MOT can become a difficult experience for many people and if they don’t know the essentials of an MOT test and don’t know what to expect, it can be even harder. Therefore, we have pulled some nice information to help you, whether this is your first MOT or your 20th.

When Will I need an MOT test Done?

The MOT test adheres after a car completes 3 years old, and after that, is a legal requirement to take the test every 12 months. The MOT certificate is required by the government and the non-test may lead to prosecution.

MOT essential checks by Central Audi VW Specialists

What to expect?

The MOT test is an inspection to make sure your car is safe to drive and that it follows all guidelines and standards necessary. It will check the basic settings and security matters of a car such as lights, breaks, seatbelts, tyres, and horns, and if any major problems, the car may fail the test.

If no major problems, but a few minor ones, the car may pass the test, but some recommendations may be available for you to fix. These can be done at any time, but we highly recommend that a repair is made for security reasons and even to save money by avoiding bigger issues.

In the case of the MOT test failure, you will be given a VT30 refusal certificate. This will cover all major issues that caused the failure, and you will have 10 days to do the fixes so your car can be used.

Please note that you don’t need to repair your car at the same venue you have done the test. You can either get a second opinion or just service your car anywhere else of your choice, but if not repaired within the 10 following days as well as driving without your MOT certificate, can lead to prosecution.

MOT checklist

The MOT test includes:

  • Exterior checks: Seats and seat belts, doors, driver controls, etc.
  • Interior checks: Registration plate, lamps, mirrors, wheels, etc.
  • Under bonnet checks: Vehicle structure, braking systems, etc.
  • Under vehicle checks: Suspensions, exhaust system, fuel system, etc.

For more information on the MOT test, you can check the Government website. There you will find the complete MOT checklist, as well as the MOT inspection manual and more.

Differences Between MOT tests and car service

MOT test and servicing are two separate things. An MOT test as mentioned above is a check-up of essential security matters based on the regulations.

A car service for its time, is essential to check not just the essential and standard items, but also other matters. These include general filters, oil, and battery checks, road test, stamp in the service book, and more.

The service needs to be done by a trained technician, preferably in a reliable venue, and it will also help you to keep safe – as well as the MOT – but will also help you to avoid higher costs, improve performance, increase resale value, and making your car long life last longer.

If you would like to check the services we offer, feel free to look at our website and if any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Central Audi VW, we can offer you both MOT test certificates and many other vehicle services, while maintaining great customer relationships!