Most common Audi Car Repairs

09 September 2022

If you have an Audi, then it might be worth taking a look at the most common Audi car repairs below and get ready in case anything happens, or even better, to prevent any of these issues to happen with your Audi vehicle.

Audi car repairs by central Audi VW engineer

As well as any other car brand, Audi vehicles may represent some common issues that may require some Audi car repairs. Even though some of their cars have common problems, it doesn’t mean they’re bad to drive, that their engines aren’t good, or that you’ll experience the same problem.

These common issues may be present in many other car brands, but there are many ways of preventing those to happen, including the simple matter of servicing your car regularly to avoid expensive and unwanted Audi car repairs.

The common Audi car repairs may include:

Ignition Coil

If you are seeing the ‘check Engine’ light on your visor, then it may be indicating an ignition coil issue. The Ignition coil is responsible to generate the engine spark that ignites the engine’s mixture, and you may be able to feel something wrong while driving and starting the car.

Water Pump Failure

Engine overheating is not an unusual problem to be found. This may lead to significant damage to the car, as well as represent risks to who may be driving. Unfortunately, Audi cars tend to present water pump issues from time to time, therefore, a regular car service may be done to prevent them.

Clogged Drains

Older Audi car models may present more regular issues with clogged drains than new ones, but this is an issue that we advise you to keep an eye out for. Clogged drains can affect and compromise the electrical parts of the car, by allowing water to enter the vehicle where it shouldn’t.

To prevent Audi car repairs that can lead to expensive costs, it is advised to keep the drains free of debris. You can do it by visiting an authorised centre regularly.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

EGR systems recirculate their gas back to the engine’s cylinders in order to reduce nitrogen emissions, which also helps reduce the temperature in the combustion chamber. The issue that EGR systems may present, in case they fail, is the quantity of carbon that can exceed, causing a clog in the exhaust flow of the car.

Other minor common Audi car repairs and problems may include:

Failure of Digital Dashboard

This may require simple replacement of components, such as erratic lights or lamps. Although it might look like a silly issue, not being able to see properly the dashboard with important information it may show, can be dangerous. Luckily, this is usually an easy and quick fix that an authorised can do for you.

Oil Leaks

An oil leak can represent an issue from 2 different parts, the cover gasket, or the camshaft tensioner. In any of the cases, the solution is the replacement of the problematic part.

Loose Fuel caps

This is a very simple fix, but if you don’t pay attention, it can increase the mileage of your car. You just need to make sure that you will tighten the fuel caps every time after re-fuelling and keep an eye if any damages to the cap.

Audi Servicing for Car Repairs

If you would like to know more about Audi car repairs, or if you would like to get an Audi service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Central Audi VW. We are specialists in the field, and we offer a great service together at a competitive price.