How To Make Your Car Tyres Last Longer

03 February 2022

Your tyres will wear out eventually – no matter what you do to them, however, in this article, we provide you with tips to try and prolong the life of your car tyres.

Check your tyre pressure

You should regularly check your tyre pressure. This will ensure your cars tyres are wearing evenly. Not only this but it will also improve your fuel economy. You can find the recommended tyre pressure for your tyres either on the side of your driver door, or in the vehicles handbook.

Maintain good wheel alignment

It is important that you maintain good wheel alignment for your car for many reasons. One reason being because poorly aligned wheels can cause uneven wear across your tyres.

You should take your car to a garage to get your wheels aligned if you have had any tyres changed, if you have had any suspension or steering work carried out and also, if you have hit a large pothole whilst driving.

Good clutch control

Good clutch control is essential as otherwise, it can cause the tyres to skid and therefore grate the rubber from the tyres onto the road.

Ensure you are braking in good time

Leaving braking to the last minute can increase the chance of your cars wheels locking up which similar to bad clutch control, can cause your tyres to rub onto to the road surface. Also, it will put more pressure onto your tyres, than it would it if you braked within good time.

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