How To Prepare Your Car for Long-Distance Travel & What to Pack

11 May 2023

Audi Service Wolverhampton Car in Fields long-distance travel

Long-distance travel and journeys can either be stressful or enjoyable, depending very much on how prepared your car is for the trip.

There are a few tips that our team at Central Audi have compiled to help ensure that your long-distance travel is as smooth as possible, without any hiccups along the way. Not only do you need to prepare your car before the trip, but it is important to make sure you pack a few essentials in case of emergencies along the way.

Essential Checks Before Long Journeys

When preparing to go on a long trip, whether it be for business or a family holiday, you go through the motions of packing your clothes and essentials. Why not make sure you do the same for your car? There are some essential checks that you can do before leaving that will help make your journey as smooth as possible:

  • Check Tyre Pressure and Tread Depth
    • Make sure that your tyre pressure is right and that you have the appropriate tread on your tires. If you find yourself struggling with tread or find pressure won’t hold. Get your tyres checked before travelling.
  • Screen wash and Windscreen Wiper Checks
    • Check your windscreen for chips or cracks before leaving to ensure that you don’t have any worries about further damage whilst away. Also, be sure to top up your screen wash – no one enjoys a smeared windscreen!
  • Light Checks
    • Check your headlights, brake lights and indicators are all fully functioning. If you have a light out, change the bulb before travelling.
  • Air Conditioning
    • If you are travelling during the summer months, you will want to be sure that your air conditioning is working correctly. Sitting in a hot and sticky car will be unpleasant for the whole family!
  • Oil Levels
    • Oil is vital for your engine so ensuring that you have the correct oil levels in your car will ensure that you don’t encounter any engine damage that could also be costly.
  • Brake Fluids
    • Fluids are also important for your brakes so again, be sure to check the fluid levels and top up if needed to avoid any costly damage on a long-distance journey.
  • Engine Coolant
    • Engine coolant is a regulator for your car’s engine keeping it healthy and at the right temperature. Be sure this level is topped up before travelling!
  • Fuel Levels
    • Fuel is a requirement for every vehicle owner. Making sure you leave on a full tank can help avoid the hiked-up motorway prices and help you get from A to B without any need to stop (unless you need a toilet break!)
  • Battery
    • Batteries degrade over time and will eventually need replacing. If it drops below a certain level, this can cause issues with your car, such as the car not starting, and you will be stranded with a big cost to pay. Check your battery before travelling and change it if needed.
Car Fluid change long-distance travel

What to Pack in Preparation for Your Car

Once you have prepared your car, you need to be sure to pack your essentials, and essentials for the car. Some examples include:

  • Emergency Supplies
    • Even though you have checked your car over before travelling, be sure to pack the emergency supplies – jump cables, headlamps, tyre pressure checker, flashlights, windbreaker, window breakers and an emergency warning triangle.
  • Water & Snacks
    • Always make sure you have snacks and water to keep you from getting hungry or dehydrated on long trips.
  • Documentation for Your Vehicle
    • You may not need it, but having paperwork for your insurance and your driving licence can ensure you are covered if needed.
  • First Aid Kit
    • A small first aid kit will have the basic supplies needed in case of any emergency. Pack a kit that works for you and your family.
  • Weather Appropriate Supplies
    • Whether you are going for a long-distance journey in the summer or winter, you need to be prepared for all weather. In the winter, be sure to pack an ice scraper for example.
  • Paper Map
    • People use sat navigation these days, often it is built into the car for you, but it is key to keep a paper map in case this fails for any reason.
  • Electronics – Devices & Cables
    • Travelling often includes phones and tablets so making sure that you have the right charging cables for these in your car can keep your devices fully charged, but also keep the kids quiet!
Audi Service Wolverhampton Car At Side of Road long- distance travel

If you are preparing for a long-distance travel and are not sure where to start with your car checks or vehicle servicing, why not swing by Central Audi today? We are able to check your car over with our Vehicle Health Checks. This ensures that your car is ready for the long-distance journey with you and your family!