Volkswagen Group Genuine Washer Fluid

21 October 2013

Genuine screen wash fluid

Crystal Clear Volkswagen Genuine Washer Fluid

Using Volkswagen Genuine washer fluid keeps you windscreens and headlights crystal clear.

On Volkswagen Group vehicles with new style wide-jet nozzles, it is imperative that Volkswagen Group Genuine washer fluid is used. Genuine washer fluid is specially formulated. It has an extremely low viscosity at sub-zero temperatures, which prevents the complex washer system from blocking or freezing which can cause consequential costly damage to the vehicle.

Advantages of Volkswagen Genuine washer fluid:

– It reliably removes tar, pollen and insect remains in Summer.
– It removes stubborn frost-hardened waxy and oily residues in Winter.
– It designed to ensure windscreens, spray nozzles, washing solution bottle and connecting hoses will continue to work at -15 °C.

At Central Audi & VW we ensure that only the best fluids are used to give you all year round protection.