Digital Service Schedule

22 January 2019

Why digital?

It is important to keep a cars service work recorded and up-to-date. Especially when retaining a full service history for your Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT or SKODA. As this can help to preserve the future resale value of a car.

The new Digital Service Schedule will ensure this important record is kept as accurately and secure as possible. 

What’s changed?

The Digital Service Schedule also known as the Digital Service Book will work alongside the traditional service book until May 2017 when the service book (or schedule as its sometimes known) will disappear from the vehicle information wallet completely. Depending upon your vehicle manufacture starting with some starting as early as from 2016 the service history will only be created and stored digitally in a Volkswagen Group central database.

Once a service is completed we will update the Volkswagen Group database digitally then you will receive either a printout or digital copy of the service entry record, this can be kept with your vehicle documentation. Should you need to read Service schedule information or use the vehicle data sticker this is now located in the owners handbook.

Greater security

Your printout or pdf copy of your car’s service history will have a security code. This can be verified by your local Volkswagen Group UK to check for authenticity, and provides additional security when buying or selling a used Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT or SKODA in the future.

The record will be stored by Volkswagen Group for the lifetime of the vehicle. No personal information is held on this system, only the vehicle’s service history.

Peace of mind

You’ll never need to worry about your service record being lost, damaged or altered.

The digital service record can instantly be accessed by ourselves or any VAG retailer in the UK, and verified and reprinted whenever you may need it.

When you come in for a vehicle service we the VAG digital service record so there won’t be any missing records when you come to sell the vehicle.

How do I know if my vehicle has a Digital Service Schedule?

The Digital Service Schedule is applicable to all new Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and SKODA models. The majority of VAG vehicles produced from May 2016 onwards will also have a Digital Service Book. Vehicles built before this date will typically have the traditional paper service book any continue to have the service history recorded in the service booklet only.

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