Car Air Conditioning Regas – Factors to Consider

02 March 2020

A car’s air conditioning system is an important aspect to help support comfort of the driver and passengers especially for drivers in and around London. However, there are elements of the air conditioning system that will have an influence on how well the system performs. Look at the air conditioning system, re-gas of systems and answer a few of the most commonly asked questions:

Hybrid vs combusion engine air conditioning systems?

The main difference between a hybrid car’s air conditiong system and that found in a traditional combusion (petrol or diesel engined vehicle) is the manner in which the system is powered. In the traditional engine car, the air conditioning pumps are powered by the engine itself. However as hybrid car does not have that type of engine it needs to be powered in a different way, namely from the power stored in the battery.

The air conditioning systems are known to have a slight impact on the engine’s overall performance.  However, there is also the fact that there is a different type of re-gas machine required to refill the system with new gas. Not all garages, including some dealerships, have this type of air con re-gas machine. Here at Central Audi VW, we have invested in this equipment and are able to air conditioning re-gas any Audi, VW, SEAT or SKODA air conditioning system.

Which Air Conditioning Gas?

Dependent on the age of your car, there could be differing types of gas that need to be used to re-gas the air conditioning system.

The older of the gasses used on VAG vehciles is called R134 and has significantly higher impact on the environment if it leaks than the newer 1234YF gas. This new gas was introduced as a result of an EU directive aimed at helping to protect the environment. Although when the new 1234YF gas was introduced it was charged at a higher price than the older R134, expectations are that this price will gradually reduce over time with increased production and demands.

Should your air con be run during the winter?

Air conditioning is often thought of as a summer benefit to keep the car cool and therefore would have no real benefit during the winter. This is actually not the case… Using the air conditioning in the winter, is much more efficient at keeping the windows clear from mist than running the heating system alone.

This is not the only benefit, as running the air con will help to prevent the system from becoming stale and then producing bad smells when it is eventually put back in to use. Further, there is a potential that the system can seize up of a period of having no use and can be a lot more costly to repair.

Therefore it is actually recommended to continue to use the car’s air conditioning system throughout the winter months.

At Central Audi VW specialise in dealing with all aspects of Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and SKODA vehicles. So if you would like to discuss any aspect of your car’s air conditioning system from a simple re-gas through to service or repair, please contact one of our service team a call on 0121 384 6006.