Avoiding Breakdown

09 March 2015

car maintenance tips

Top Care Tips

Here at Central Audi VW, you could say we know a thing or two about cars. From your engines to your tyres; there’s nothing we don’t know how to take care of. As an experienced team, our mechanics here know just what it takes to keep a car in the best condition possible but we couldn’t help but wonder…do you all know the same?

From experienced drivers to learners, from car enthusiasts to complete novices; every day brings a range of different customers. Whatever the case, our team work around the clock to ensure you car is taken care of and quite importantly, Central Audi VW work to break the stereotype of the unscrupulous mechanic. We take pride in being able to fix any problem but how many of you are doing enough to take care of your vehicles yourself?

If our years of experience have taught us anything, it is that often, a lot of the problems that result in a visit to a mechanic can be easily prevented with the right knowledge. Whether you are a car buff or not, knowing just what to do and what not to do can ensure that you might not have to pay us a visit so often…no matter how much we love to see you!

We could sit here and go on forever but we thought we’d pick some of the best tips and break them down…

~Oil- How often do you check your oil levels and change the fluid in your vehicle? Often, one of the main reasons for engine damage is failing to correctly maintain oil levels. If you’re someone who simply forgets until your vehicle forcefully reminds you, then you are risking serious damage. Ensure you keep an eye on those levels and regularly get an oil change.

~Tyres- One of the most neglected areas of a vehicle is the car tyres. It is so easy to forget to keep an eye on tyre pressure and tread depth but in doing so, you can significantly affect the drive of your car. The legal tread depth is 1.6mm, be sure to maintain this and also do what you can to generally keep an eye on the overall condition and any wear and tear. The state of your tyres will not only affect the performance of your car but also your safety, never neglect this.

~Battery- One of the main reasons a car can unexpectedly break down, particularly during the winter, is as the result of a failed battery. In the coldest seasons, one of the best things you can do is to ensure your battery runs regularly, even of this means just starting it up for a few minutes during the weekend. Keep in mind that your battery should also be kept clean as dirt can cause it to weaken and ensure that you are aware of when you will need to replace your battery (typically after a few years). No battery lasts forever, so don’t expect yours to; look after it and get it replaced to avoid that upsetting clonk out when you least expect it.

The above are just a few of the vital car care tips (we could go through so many!) that could help keep your machine running in good condition, for as long as possible. As mechanics, our team are always here to give you the best help and assistance possible but ensure you know just what to do and what not to do so that, if nothing else, you don’t have to come and visit us so often!