5 Top Summer Car Accessories

11 May 2022

Summer Car Accessories to Keep in Your Car

It is getting warmer and brighter day after day and as temperatures soar, summer car accessories are becoming more necessary. That is why we have pulled together some product ideas to help make your driving experience easier while keeping you cool and relaxed in this hot weather. They are:

1 – Pullover sunshade

Many people may think that sunshades are meant to only protect us from the sun and heat while driving, but the truth is that they can also protect your car when not in use. Sunshades will help your car keep cool while parking in the sun and will protect the fabrics from damage by the sunbeams too.

2 – Cool pad for car seat

Sometimes the heat can also make us feel exhausted and, while driving, this can be dangerous. Having a cool pad on your car seat can help to keep you cool and lower your body temperature, decreasing the chances of any accidents by feeling sick or weak in extremely hot weather.

3 – Car cover

As well as the sunshades, the car covers can help maintain a nice temperature when your car is parked in the sun. They can be a nice option if you are not going to use your car for a few days and they will also protect your car tint from fading by too much exposure to the sun and general weather conditions.

4 – Fragrance accessories and air fresheners

Car fresheners can help maintain a nice odour on your car and, on summer days where you can sweat a lot, they are great allies. The fresh linen ones can also give the sensation of a clean car.

5 – Smart coolants

If your car has an AC, then you will want to make sure it is properly working. A smart coolant will help the aircon system work properly even when it is too hot outside, but if any issues, you can take it to an authorized air conditioning service for better performance.

And with a plus…

Don’t forget to also add some personal accessories

– Sunglasses – Not only essential but is also mandatory to have a completely clear vision while driving and, not wearing sunglasses in very sunny conditions can also give you a charge for careless driving. Just make sure your lenses are not too dark and by the law to avoid other penalties.

Insulated bottle – You may get into your car for a quick drive but on hot days a bottle with cool and freshwater is never a bad idea, plus, is very important to stay hydrated during summertime.

– Umbrella – Even though the days are warmer, you never know when it’s going to rain.

Please also bear in mind that servicing your car is also very important.  Make sure you will drive with peace of mind by taking your car to a repair specialist and having your MOT test and all documentation in place.

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