5 Essential Items to Keep in Your Car

21 March 2022

Carrying to many items and unnecessary weight in your car can increase your fuel consumption. However, there are some items we recommend you keep in your car at all times. These include:

– Jump leads

– A spare tyre or tyre repair kit

– Windscreen wash

– A cloth

– Blanket

Jump leads

You may never need them, but jump leads are incredibly useful to keep in your car because if your battery did ever run flat, you have a solution to fix your problem straight away.

Also, not only are they useful to you but you will be able to help others including your family and friends, if their battery did ever run flat.

Spare tyre or type repair kit

It is no longer a requirement to keep a spare tyre in your car, but instead a tyre repair kit. However, either of these will save you as you never know where you might be when you develop a flat tyre. The tyre and puncture repair kit is a quick fix to get you home safely until you can take your car to the garage to get a new tyre fitted.

Windscreen wash

It is vital that you can see out of your windscreen clearly in order to ensure you have a clear view of the roads, road signs and pedestrians. In order to do so you should use your window wiper fluid to clean your screen when it gets dirty. For this reason, we recommend keeping some extra windscreen wash in your car as you could run out and need to fill this up whilst you are driving. If this occurs, pull over to the side of the road when it is safe to do so, fill up your windscreen wash, ensure it is working and resume your journey.


A cloth, duster or something of this kind will help you clear your windows and mirrors if they steam up and before the de-misters have the chance to clear this for you. A cloth can also be useful for many other things such as cleaning up spillages.


Never drive your car tired, no matter how long of your journey you have left! Pull over and have a nap. A blanket will be useful in this situation to help keep you warm whilst you sleep. Blankets are also useful in many other situations such as if you break down and also could be used to cover your seats.

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