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Here at Central Audi VW, we are specialists in what we do. We ensure all our services, including the service for Audi, will be the best possible for both you and your car. We care about maintaining the highest levels of care, as well as great customer service, no matter your requirements.

Service for Audi - Audi tyres

You can be sure that with Central Audi VW, our service for Audi will help increase the value of your vehicle, assist in lowering running costs, and improve its general performance. Our Audi-Approved Services will also prolong your vehicle’s lifetime and make sure you will be safe while driving.

We offer a range of approved services for Audi at an affordable fixed price, whether you are a returning customer or a new one, maintaining our service promise no matter your requirements!

Our team of technicians are highly trained, and they love what they do!

Our team of specialists will run a vehicle diagnostic and a road test together with our service for Audi, making sure you will have peace of mind the moment you leave our premises. And if you have any queries at all, we are more than happy to answer and explain everything you need to know about your car, whether it's under warranty or not. We operate out of Birmingham and its surrounding areas, such as Wolverhampton.

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Fixed Service for Audi – Time & Distance Service

Fixed Service for Audi – Time & Distance Service

The Fixed Service for Audi is recommended for running up to 10.000* miles in a year, and/or if you tent to drive:

  • Mainly city driving, short journeys with frequent cold starts.
  • High engine loading activities, for example, driving with your vehicle fully loaded, towing or frequent hill climbs.
  • Uneconomical driving, using high RPMs with heavy acceleration and heavy breaking.

* Mileages are approximate.

LongLife Service for Audi – Variable Service

The LongLife service for Audi is a variable service recommended if you drive your Audi more than 25 miles a day (being it more than 10.000* miles a year or 24 months, whichever occurs first), and recommended if you drive in the following way:

  • Regular long-distance driving.
  • More than 10,000 miles per year.
  • Driving at a constant speed with minimum vehicle and engine loading, and minimal towing.

* Mileages are approximate.

LongLife Service for Audi – Variable Service

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