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Wolverhampton, Birmingham, & West Midlands Specialist Audi Service Centre

Here at Central Audi VW, we are leaders in high-quality services and repairs for your Audi vehicle. Our exceptional services range throughout Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. Servicing plans are designed to ensure that no matter how old your car is, our experienced team can have it perform at its best. We offer two comprehensive Audi services; Audi Longlife Service and Audi Time & Distance Service.

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Why have a Audi Service Wolverhampton?

Our Audi-approved services can ensure that your vehicle is always in ideal condition. Whether you are new to us, or a returning customer, our service promise stays the same. We are an Audi specialist Wolverhampton and promise that you receive our exceptionally high standards of trusted, reliable, and dedicated care.

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Our Audi Time & Distance Service

Otherwise known as our Fixed Audi Service, this service is recommended for drivers who travel up to 10,000 miles per year. For example, if you:

  • Mainly drive through cities, or on short journeys with multiple cold starts.
  • Engage in high engine loading activities. These include driving with a fully-loaded vehicle, tow, or having frequent hill climbs.
  • Are an uneconomical driver. You use high RPMs, heavy acceleration, and hard braking.

Our Longlife Audi Service Wolverhampton

Alternatively known as our Variable Service, this service is available to the newest generation of vehicles. The newer vehicles are designed with variable service intervals in mind, up to a maximum of 19,000 miles or 24-month periods, whichever you reach first.

We recommend this service if you drive more than 25 miles a day in your Audi vehicle, and if you drive:

  • Long distances often throughout the year.
  • 10,000+ miles a year.
  • Drive economically. For example, at regular constant speeds with low engine loads and minimal towing.
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Central Service Promise

At Central Audi VW we promise to ensure that you, and every customer that comes to us, will receive the same level of exceptional care and attention. This is guaranteed to leave you feeling confident with our high standards of quality service that your Audi will receive on every visit. We take pride in every Audi Service Wolverhampton.

For more information or for a quote for your Audi service in Wolverhampton, contact us at 0121 384 6006 or complete our online form.