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Birmingham & West Midlands Specialist VW Service Centre

A dedicated and specialist VW service centre in Birmingham and West Midlands, Central Audi VW has years of experience in the field with a team of highly trained experts. Our technicians are very dedicated and can explain to you all the services, making sure you will choose the best option for you and your lifestyle.

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We can help you to keep your VW healthy and in good condition while offering amazing customer service. Whether you are a returning customer or a new one, we ensure you will receive honest and reliable dedicated care.

We offer a nice range of services including Air ConditioningMOT Tests, General repair and maintenance, and more. For more information about our Volkswagen services, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us today or visit our VW service centre in Birmingham.

VW LongLife Service/ Variable VW Service

The Volkswagen LongLife Service intervals of up to a maximum of 20,000 miles* or 24 months (whichever occurs first). This service is recommended if you drive your Volkswagen more than 25 miles a day, and if you drive in the following way:

  • Regular long-distance driving
  • More than 10,000 miles per year.
  • Driving at a constant speed with minimum vehicle and engine loading, and minimal towing
  • Mileages are approximate.
Red Volkswagen FAQ's
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Time & Distance / Fixes VW Service

The Volkswagen Time & Distance service is recommended if you are likely to drive 10,000* or fewer miles in a year with your Volkswagen, or if you tend to drive in the following way:

  • Mainly city driving, short journeys with frequent cold starts.
  • High engine loading activities, for example: driving with your vehicle fully loaded, towing or frequent hill climbs.
  • Uneconomical driving, using high RPMs with heavy acceleration and heavy braking.
  • Mileages are approximate.

Central Service Promise

We pride ourselves on offering amazing customer service and great attention and care to our clients’ vehicles. We promise to offer a competitive price and free visual health checks whilst trying to do our best every single time. No matter whether your vehicle is under warranty or not, we can help!