SKODA Service Intervals

Maintaining your Skoda at scheduled intervals is necessary to keep it in top shape. At Central Audi, we specialise in offering Skoda service intervals and car maintenance at the highest calibre. Maintaining the longevity and functionality of your Skoda requires comprehending and following the recommended servicing intervals. Our knowledgeable specialists are here to assist you in adhering to your Skoda maintenance plan and guarantee the seamless and effective operation of your car.

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The Impact SKODA Service Intervals Have On Your Vehicle

Your SKODA’s health relies on routine maintenance. Utilising Central Audi’s SKODA interval service can help to ensure the following:

Maintain Performance:Your Skoda will operate at its best and use less fuel if regular maintenance is performed.

Boost Safety:Regular inspections and maintenance help to spot possible problems early on and fix them to keep your car safe to drive.

Prolong Lifespan:By keeping up with service schedules, you may help keep your Skoda from wearing out too soon.

Preserve Warranty:It's frequently necessary to keep up with the recommended maintenance in order to keep your car's warranty valid.

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Our SKODA Servicing Options

SKODA service intervals are typically based on mileage or time, here at Central Audi we have two different services that are recommended based on your driving style and mileage:


Time & Distance Service/ Fixed SKODA Service

This service is advised if you plan to drive your SKODA 10,000 miles or fewer annually, or if you typically drive in cities, engage in high engine loading activities, or drive in an uneconomical manner.

LongLife Service / Variable SKODA Service

Available for brand-new cars with varying service intervals for a maximum of 24 months or 20,000 miles*, whichever comes first.

If you drive your Skoda more than 25 miles per day or engage in any of the following driving behaviours, this service is advised: frequent long-distance travel, over 10,000 miles annually, or steady-state driving with minimal vehicle and engine loads.


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Why Choose Central Audi For Your SKODA Service Intervals

Here at Central Audi we are proud of the SKODA service we provide our customers. We ensure every service receives:

Skilled experts: Using the newest diagnostic tools and technology, our knowledgeable experts have extensive training and expertise in servicing SKODA cars..

Original components: To guarantee the best quality and compatibility with your car, we only use original Skoda components.

Customer happiness: This is our first priority at Central Audi, and we do this by providing open communication and high quality service, whether you are a returning or new customer.

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By following the suggested SKODA service intervals, you can keep your car in top shape. Book your upcoming servicing by contacting Central Audi today! The superior care your SKODA deserves is waiting to be given by our knowledgeable staff. You can rely on us to maintain optimal vehicle performance and to keep you stress-free while driving.