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Birmingham & West Midlands Specialist SKODA Service Centre

At Central Audi, we provide a range of services for your SKODA including our SKODA service regimes in Birmingham. Our servicing plans are designed to ensure whatever the age of your car, it is performing its best. We currently offer two SKODA services; SKODA LongLife Service and SKODA Time & Distance Service.

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Why have a SKODA Service?

Having a SKODA service in Birmingham has many benefits. It allows you to maintain the health of your vehicle as well as its value. In addition to this, it can improve the overall performance of your vehicle as problems can be identified and therefore resolved before they cause major damage.

Finally, having a SKODA service can improve your vehicle's economy and therefore will reduce the overall running costs of the vehicle. This will save you money as your vehicle will not consume as much fuel as it would if the economy was low.

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LongLife SKODA Service

The SKODA LongLife Service is available for the new generation of vehicles and works on a maximum of 19,000 miles or a 24-month period.

We recommend this SKODA service to drivers that travel more than 25 miles per day and if you take regular long-distance journeys or drive at a constant speed with minimal towing and vehicle and engine loading.

Time & Distance SKODA Service

At Central Audi & VW, we recommend the SKODA Time & Distance Service to drivers  that use their vehicle for approximately 10,000 miles or less in a year or driving   in the following ways:

• Activities with high engine loading i.e. frequent hill climbs, towing or having a fully-loaded vehicle a lot of the time.

• City or short distance driving

• Driving uneconomical i.e. using high RPMs with heavy braking and acceleration

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Why Choose Us?

At Central Audi and VW, we take great pride in being experts in vehicle repairs, maintenance, services and MOT’s. Our team of highly trained technicians have valuable experience in SKODA service and performs in perfect accordance with manufacturer specifications, which guarantees your warranty isn’t compromised.

Additionally, you can bring your SEAT, Volkswagen, Audi, or other vehicles for our maintenance and servicing packages.

For more information or for a quote for your SKODA service in Birmingham, contact us on 0121 384 6006 or complete our online form.