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Your car will remain in excellent condition thanks to our approved Audi UK service centres. We provide a large selection of reasonably priced fixed-price services to assist in maintaining the optimal condition of your Audi.

Our service promise is the same whether you are a new or returning customer of Central Audi VW: to make sure you receive dependable, committed, and trustworthy care.

Have a look at the kind of Audi UK service we provide.

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Fixed Audi UK Service / Time & Distance Service

Due to their years of expertise working with Audi vehicles, our highly skilled experts will not only do the best possible maintenance on your car but will also conduct a free diagnostic test and vehicle health check.

Audi drivers who are expecting to travel up to 10,000 miles annually are advised to have the Audi fixed service.

We suggest this service for:

  • Mostly in the city, quick trips, and a lot of cold beginnings
  • Activities with a high engine load, such as towing, driving while completely laden, or making numerous hill climbs
  • Excessive braking and acceleration at high speeds, coupled with uneconomical driving

LongLife Audi UK Service / Variable Service

The introduction of new Audi engines with the most recent, technologically improved long-life oil has made the Audi long life service, a changeable service schedule, possible. Because of the integrated sensors in these engines, the oil quality is continuously monitored, extending the period of time between maintenance and servicing.

Up to a maximum of 19,000 miles* or 24 months (whichever comes first) of flexible servicing intervals.

If an Audi driver operates their vehicle in any of the following ways, this Audi UK Service is advised:

  • Frequent long-distance travel
  • Maintaining a steady speed, filling the car and engine to the bare minimum, and not hauling much
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Why Should You Get An Audi UK Service?

Being aware of how important car maintenance is, we at Central Audi VW work hard to guarantee that our Audi servicing is of the greatest calibre.

  • Maintaining a car's performance requires regular maintenance.
  • A good service can help reduce operating expenses.
  • An impeccable service history might raise your Audi's resale value.

Our Audi UK Service Promise

At Central Audi VW, we promise to provide each and every one of our clients with the same exceptional degree of care and attention, which will instil confidence in you regarding the calibre of service you will always receive for your Audi and yourself.

Contact us today to book your Audi Service or find out more about the other services we provide.


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