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Car Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems are essential to maintaining the right temperature inside a vehicle but sometimes systems can deteriorate or become faulty.

Volkswagen Group recommend every 2 years your vehicle receives an Air Conditioning Service to help prevent issues from occurring.

Problematic Air Conditioning Systems

• Car air conditioning systems can lose gases over time
• Low refrigeration levels in systems can cause an increase in fuel consumption
• Build up of bacteria can reduce efficiency and even trigger allergies

Whether your vehicle is a Skoda, Audi, VW or SEAT, neglect can cause your air conditioning system to fail, ultimately leaving you facing costly repairs.

How Can Central Audi VW Help?

At Central Audi VW our team of technicians have years of experience in dealing with vehicle air conditioning systems and can provide a quality air conditioning service or air conditioning regas that is designed to maintain the quality of your vehicle.

We ensure the air in your vehicle is as pure as it should be, by sanitizing the air conditioning system during a service or as part of the Air Conditioning Refresh.

Volkswagen Group recommends every 2 years your vehicle receives a Air Conditioning Service to help prevent issues from occurring.